What is the 3-day Yoga Camp Schedule?

You can join on any day of the Week.
If u start your 3-day Yoga Camp on Monday, You will participate on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.
If u start your 3-day Yoga Camp on Monday, u have to reach the Camp Site on Sunday before 11PM.
The schedule of activities is the same on all the three days: () Early Morning walk from camp accommodation to Camp site () Meditation & simple yoga exercise () Fruit based breakfast () Plantation, Gosahala related works () Raw Vegetable Lunch with Bajra, Jwar Roti with chutney () Evening Yoga () Dinner () Walking before sleep

What is taught during the 3-DAY YOGA CAMP?

  1. Weight reduction & Management
  2. How to prevent & cure diseases like Sleep Apnea, Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Problems
  3. How to cure disease without medicine or doctor?
  4. Diet habits to be followed to prevent and cure diseases
  5. Simple Yoga Asanas and pranayama to keep fit
  6. Day to day lifestyles to be followed / DOs & DON'Ts

When should I reach the 3-DAY YOGA CAMP SITE?

  1. First decide which day you want to start your 3-day Yoga Camp
  2. If you want to start your camp on Monday, reach the Camp Site before 11 PM on Sunday
  3. You can start your 3-DAY YOGA CAMP on any day of the Week but reach the CAMP SITE before 11 PM one day before.
  4. You can pay the 3-DAY YOGA CAMP FEE after reaching the CAMP SITE or pay online to one of the Bank Accounts shown below

What is the 3-DAY YOGA CAMP FEE?

  1. Rs.5000/- per participant - which includes ACCMMODATION at CAMP SITE & DIET
  2. Vegetarian, Saatvic DIET will be provided.
  3. Outside food strictly prohibited.
  4. Do not bring any eatables from outside except any emergency medicines prescribed by your doctor.

How should I pay the camp fee?

You can pay in cash at the camp site or make payments payable to Mr. Nagar in one of the Bank accounts given below:

What is the arrangement for ACCOMMODATION + FOOD during the 3-DAY YOGA CAMP?

YOGA CAMP participants shall stay only in the accommodation provided by us during the 3 nights.
YOGA CAMP participants will be given appropriate MENU during the 3-DAY-YOGA CAMP.

What is the CAMP SITE ADDRESS & Directions to reach the CAMP SITE.


  • Mr. Nagar - Apartment No: C6, - Building: Orchid, - Lalani Dream Residency, - Murbad Road
  • Opposite Dahivali Petrol Station, - Karjat, - Pin: 410 201
Directions to reach the CAMP SITE:
  • From Karjat Railway Station walk to Dahivali Petrol Station – 10 minutes
  • From Dahivali Petrol Station walk further 50 meters. On the right side you can find Lalani Dream Residency

What should I bring to attend the 3-DAY YOGA CAMP?

  • 3 sets of Loose cotton Pyjamas & Kurtas
  • Sweater, Muffler, Socks
  • If already on Medical condition, case papers along with prescribed medicines
  • Camp Fee / Payment receipt if already made Bank Payment
  • Cotton Towels - 3 .
  • Cotton Socks
  • Rubber slippers
  • Cotton Half Pants

What are the 'prohibited items' that I should not bring to the 3-DAY YOGA CAMP?

  • Perfumes
  • Tobacco
  • tobacco products
  • prohibited drugs
  • tea/coffe & other stimulants
  • Gold
  • costly jewellery
  • Deodrants
  • Non-cotton clothes
  • plastic or polythene bags, papers
  • Soaps/Shampoos
  • Cosmetics
  • expensive items
  • political magazines
  • obscene literature
  • heavy cash except the minimum required
  • Friends/acquaintances who do not participate in the camp

The YOGA CAMP is for how many days?

Each YOGA CAMP is for 3 days. Every day PARTICIPANT has to engage in long distance walking, Simple Yoga exercises, Pranayam, Natural Fruit and Vegetable dieting and works related to environmentt and Goshala

What is the objective of the 3-DAY YOGA CAMP?

  1. To effectively guide the participant to perfect Weight Management & successful reduction in weight
  2. To mentally prepare the participant to communicate with his own body & effectively treat/cure his own afflictions
  3. To counsel & advise the participant to adopt a healthy diet cycle - healthy enough to stimulate positive growith & tasty enough to prevent despondency
  4. To prepare the participant to be his own doctor
  5. To increase the confidence levels to face health afflictions boldly
  6. To remove depression, cynicism & construct a positive bent of mind

What is the sequence of ENROLLMENT for the YOGA CAMP?

Sequence of ENROLLMENT for the YOGA CAMP is as follows:

  2. Pay the YOGA CAMP FEE in one of the BANK ACCOUNTS specified. (You can also pay CASH after reaching the YOGA CAMP)
  3. Call 87665 94407 (whatsapp) / 70669 44707 and confirm your YOGA CAMP ENROLMENT
  4. Please always communicate through WHATSAPP (87665 94407)

Long Walking Sessions
Walking through the woods
Yoga Class
Main Office: C6, Orchid, Lalani Dream Residency, Murbad Road, Opposite Dahivali Petrol Station Karjat - 410201
Yoga camp & Goshala: Plot No. 177/178, Gopal Goshala, c/o Dharap Agro Farms, Village Takve, Karjat, District -Raigad.
Contact Numbers: 70669 44707 /
87665 94407 (WHATSAPP)