A humble beginning has been made from 11th December 2017 with 2 Desi Cows & a bull in an acre of land owned by me.

The following activities will be taken up at appropriate stages:

  • to revive our traditional farming system

  • Cow Based Zero Budget Natural Farming,

  • Cow based Medicine system for prevention & cure of diseases


As part of Cow based Zero Budget Natural Farming, the following activities will be undertaken​

  •  Beejamrita,the treatment of seeds,

  • Jeevamrita, promote biological activity in the soil and make nutrients available to the crop.

  • Mulching with organic residues to reduce tillage, suppress weeds, promote humus formation and enhance the
    soil’s water-holding capacity.

  • Mixed cropping and cultivation of diverse species of crops depending on site-specific agro-climatic conditions


As part of Cow based Medicine system for prevention & cure of diseases​

  • Milk, curd, ghee, Mutra and Gomaya- from Indian breed cows have medicinal and curative properties and have been the basis for Panchagavya system of Ayurvedic medicines. This system has been in use for several centuries

  • There is no medicine in the world like Panchagavyam

Relentless efforts will be taken to establish Panchgavya health centers to cater to the poor & needy
cure for all diseases at affordable costs


Main Office: C6, Orchid, Lalani Dream Residency, Murbad Road, Opposite Dahivali Petrol Station Karjat - 410201
Yoga camp & Goshala: Plot No. 177/178, Gopal Goshala, c/o Dharap Agro Farms, Village Takve, Karjat, District -Raigad.
WEBSITE: www.gopalgoshalakarjat.com
Email: goshalagopal@gmail.com
Contact Numbers: 70669 44707 /
87665 94407 (WHATSAPP)