Inspired by the services of great GOBHAKTS, I felt protecting our desi breed cows & bulls was crucial for economy, health, culture & prosperity. A small beginning has been made with 2 cows with plans to add more desi breed cows & bulls in the future.

Motivated by the speeches of Krushi Rishi – Shri. Subash Palekarji, COW BASED ZERO BUDGET NATURAL FARMING will be attempted initially in 1 acre adopting Palekarji’s golden guidelines.

Entire food available today is very high on pesticide residual content and high percentage of chemicals is found to cause cancer and birth defects.


PANCHGAVYA health centres will be opened for prevention and cure of diseases which are alarmingly spreading due faulty life styles & consumption of wrong and incongruous food. This health centers will distribute COW BASED PANCHGAVYA medicines – almost free of cost to all needy.

Plans are afoot to manufacture COW BASED medicines, sanitary, toiletry & cosmetic items which are beneficial to humans & are free of harmful chemicals.  

Also, village level demonstrations will be conducted to induct farmers into COW BASED ZERO BUDGET NATURAL FARMING that will enrich their families & improve their Health conditions.

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