About Gopal Goshala

Gopal Goshala – a group concern of the Iyer Goshala Karjat Foundation is a registered Company under Section 25 of the Companies Act.

The Goals & Aims of Gopal Goshala include but not limited to:


  • Revive our own Traditional way of Life which we were living decades back

  • Create a Conducive Rural Mode of Living while achieving high prosperity levels

  • Establish a Cow Based Organic Manure Making Unit for our own Goshala Farms & for sale

  • Growing Cereals, Pulses, Oil Seeds, Fruits, Vegetables strictly through Natural Farming

  • Establish a PANCHGAVYA Unit for treating diseases our Vedic way

  • Expand into more Goshala Units

  • Conducting Yogic Camps to impart Prevention Techniques as well as Naturopathy Cure

Location: Gopal Goshala Unit 1 is located at Village Takve, Dharap Agro Farms 15 KM from Karjat, District Raigarh, Maharashtra.


The following activities will be taken up at appropriate stages:


  • to revive our traditional farming system

  • Cow Based Zero Budget Natural Farming,

  • Cow based Medicine system for prevention & cure of diseases

As part of Cow based Zero Budget Natural Farming, the following activities will be undertaken​:


  • Beejamrita,the treatment of seeds,

  • Jeevamrita, promote biological activity in the soil and make nutrients available to the crop.

  • Mulching with organic residues to reduce tillage, suppress weeds, promote humus formation and enhance the soil’s water-holding capacity.

  • Mixed cropping and cultivation of diverse species of crops depending on site-specific agro-climatic conditions

As part of Cow based Medicine system for prevention & cure of diseases​:

  • Milk, curd, ghee, Mutra and Gomaya- from Indian breed cows have medicinal and curative properties and have been the basis for Panchagavya system of Ayurvedic medicines. This system has been in use for several centuries

As part of Health Center & Yoga Propagation​:

  • Yoga Camps will be conducted both for Prevention & cure of Diseases

  • Weekly, Monthly Camps will be conducted applying Naturopathy for illnesses

  • Regular Yoga Camps to induct willing Participants into Yoga Asans, Pranayam, Meditation

Main Office: C6, Orchid, Lalani Dream Residency, Murbad Road, Opposite Dahivali Petrol Station Karjat - 410201
Yoga camp & Goshala: Plot No. 177/178, Gopal Goshala, c/o Dharap Agro Farms, Village Takve, Karjat, District -Raigad.
WEBSITE: www.gopalgoshalakarjat.com
Email: goshalagopal@gmail.com
Contact Numbers: 70669 44707 /
87665 94407 (WHATSAPP)