“Humans need cows more than cows need humans. Cows need to be protected for humans to survive.”

Desi Cow milk is A2 Type that helps fight diabetes in infants and adults. Products like curd, buttermilk, butter & clear butter (Ghee) are made from cow milk. These products have high medicinal & nutritional values.

Cow urine is used to produce organic & natural fertilizers, insect repellents and other products in farming. It is highly beneficial if consumed by humans. It has high medicinal value and is considered as a super medicine.

Dung or Gobar - as called in Hindi has high micro-organismic value. This is helpful to increase fertility and productivity of soil. Cow Dung Compost is a natural fertilizer and many other organic fertilizers can be made from cow dung. Cow dung is deemed fit for consumption by humans and is part of many ayurvedic medicines.

Panchgavya in is a blend of five products obtained from cow and holds an important place in Ayurvedic medicine. It is basically a concoction of cow’s dung, urine, milk, curd and ghee. It doesn’t only heal one’s body but also lifts up depressed mental states thereby providing positivity, longevity and magnetic charisma.

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